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How to break in the engine…

To run in your nitro car, please read the following below…


1)     Check all the parts of your nitro car are all in working condition…

·        Receiver Batteries

·        Radio Batteries

·        Glow Plug is tight and glow start is fully charged

·        Ensure engine flywheel is tight and tighten if needed (IMPORTANT OR THE FLYWHEEL WILL WEAR AWAY)

·        Loctite/tighten any loose nuts, screws or bolts. ie: set screws, engine mount screws, wheel nuts, etc

·        Clutch-bell and Spur Gear cogs are in mesh (their teeth)


·        Pull start engine screws are tight

·        Nylon ties for exhaust

·        Clean & Re-Oil or replace Foam Air Filter element

·        Ensure all servo & throttle linkage is straight at 90 degrees & in proper alignment when the radio equipment is turned on. Adjust if needed.

·        Ensure fuel system is free of obstruction, line pinches, dirt & leaks

·        Clean entire car after every tank - watch for sand, rocks, mud, debris or anything that will hinder proper operation and maintenance


2)     Recharge your glow starter using the charger provided. The best place to purchase a glow plug + charger would be from www.blacksmithproducts.com or purchase a Nitro Starter Set, which also includes a glow plug + charger.


To charge it you will need to plug the 3-pin plug into the socket. On the other end there will a hexagonal plug, which you put into the Glow Starter by pulling it down, putting the plug into it and then releasing. Allow it 12 hours to charge for its first charge (best done overnight). After that, please read the side of the glow plug for details…


3)     After checking the above, you will need to put fuel into your nitro car… We recommend you purchase a Nitro Starter Set before doing this. For the best deals, please visit www.blacksmithproducts.com to purchase your nitro starter set and your nitro fuel.


4)     Next, you will need to start your engine up… To do this you need to…

·        Put the nitro car on a stand so the wheels of the ground

·        Switch on the remote control and the nitro car

·        Put your glow starter into the engine where the glow plug is located at the top of the engine

·        Pull on the pull starter

·        Your engine should start after a few pulls

·        Take out glow starter


Having problems doing this…

·        If you can’t start your engine you may need to put your finger over the end of the exhaust pipe where the exhaust gas comes… Then pull the on the pull starter without the glow plug in the engine… You should see fuel going up the pipe. After doing this, take your finger of the exhaust pipe end and place the glow plug back into the engine and pull the starter. This will start the engine…


·        If you can’t start your engine, then you may need a new glow plug…  Take out the glow plug and check if it is working. Find your Nitro Starter Set (can be bought from www.blacksmithproducts.com) and look for a silver (large) hexagonal tool. Then put the longest end (8mm) into the engine top and secure it on top of the glow plug. Turn it anti-clockwise a few times to get it out. To check it you will need to push the glow plug onto the end of the glow starter to check if it is working. To do this put the pointy end of the glow plug into the glow starter and push. You should see the other end of the glow plug begin to glow brightly. If it is dim you will need to charge the glow starter up. If does not light up you will either need to charge up the glow starter or purchase a new glow plug. For the best deals go to www.blacksmithproducts.com.


·        What happens if your engine starts by stalls straight after. Start the engine up again, but this time apply a little throttle by pulling on the trigger of the remote control. Then allow the engine to idle (don’t apply throttle).


·        What happens if the engine runs, but stalls as soon as the glow starter has been removed? Get the Glow starter and put it on the glow plug located on top of the engine. Pull the pull starter to start the engine, and then apply a little throttle. Then allow the nitro car to idle (without throttle).


·        What happens if the engine still stalls after the glow starter has been removed after following the above step? If it still happens you will have to higher the idling speed. This is located (usually) under the foam filter. Please check the manual and your car manufacturer before attempting to tighten anything.


5)     After you have completed the above steps you will need to repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have filled the tank up to 2 times.


6)     Then you will need to fill the tank up with fuel again and start it up by pulling the pull start with glow starter inserted in the engine, but this time put the nitro car on the ground and run it around slowly. Do not rev the engine to high (don’t pull the trigger on the remote control to much) or you will risk damaging the engine. Repeat the step for 3 extra tanks…


7)     You have now successfully completed the break-in procedure. Just remember not to rev the engine to high when the wheels are not on the ground or you risk damaging the engine.



Problems and their Solutions…


Q:        My nitro car is twitching its servos whenever I use it?

A:        If your nitro cars servos keep on twitching when you use it, please stop using the nitro car immediately to avoid possible damage if the nitro car goes out of control. Please replace batteries in the remote control and in the nitro car. Also check the battery connections in the remote control and in the car. Then turn the wheels using the remote control and apply throttle to the engine (without the engine running) using the remote control. Check this several times to make sure there is no twitching. Please also remember to extend the remote control’s aerial fully and keep it near the nitro car.


Q:        I need parts for my nitro car, how do I get spares?

A:            Please check out our website at www.blacksmithproducts.com for a complete range of spares and parts that we can offer you. Please also phone 01293 863 411 or e-mail info@blacksmithproducts.co.uk for a complete range. All our parts come complete with Free Delivery.


Q:        What do I do if the wheels turn when I try to start the engine?

A:        It is likely that your clutch shoes have melted. To get a new set, please go to www.blacksmithproducts.com or e-mail us at info@blacksmithproducts.co.uk or phone on 01342 893 136.


Q:        How can I get correct gear mesh?

A:        The easiest way to learn that you have the correct gear mesh is to use a piece of paper and fit it between the spur gear and pinion gear as you tighten the motor mount screws. After the motor is completely tightened, the piece of paper should be impossible to remove except by turning the spur gear to rotate the paper out of place. With the paper gone, turn the spur gear with a finger and feel the amount of movement or "play" there is between the spur gear and pinion gear. There should be very little play, but you should feel a little bit. This is the correct gear mesh. With practice, you will no longer strip any spur gears.

Make sure the motor mount screws are very tight; a big crash could move the motor towards or away from the spur gear, making the spur gear strip out.

Q:        What maintenance will I need to do?
            Please see the before use section at the top of this page for maintenance details.

Q:        Why did my flywheel wear away?

A:        If the bolt holding the flywheel on is not tight and you continue to use the car it will start to wear the flywheel away. You should check that the flywheel is tight before each run.


Q:        My 2 speed is not shifting.

A:        Unless something is not adjusted properly or broken, the 2 speeds should shift into second when the engine is sufficiently warmed up (usually a minute or two of starting the engine). If it does not shift, use a 2mm Allen wrench to adjust the shift point set screw counter clockwise. Turn the setscrew 1/4 turn at a time and make a test run to see if the car shifts into second. If it does not, turn the setscrew 1/4 turn more and try again. Make sure not to touch the centre set screw! The centre set screw holds the 2 speeds in place on the gear shaft






Q:        What do I do if I remove the Glow Plug from the engine and find that it does not glow?

A:        If it the glow plug doesn’t glow you could either…

·        Re-charge the glow plug

·        Purchase another Glow Plug

·        Purchase another Glow Starter with Charger


For the best deals please visit www.blacksmithproducts.com


Q:        What happens if the engine starts and the car races away?

A:        If this happens, do not hold the car to the ground or you risk stripping the teeth of the gears/cogs. Instead pick the car up and squeeze the fuel pipe to the engine; this will stop the flow of fuel and will stop the engine.


Q:        Is the recoil/pull starter hard to pull?

A:        If so it could mean that the engine is flooded. To prevent damage do not pull the pull starter anymore. Take the glow plug out of the engine using the silver hex wrench (in your nitro starter set – for the best deals please go to www.blacksmithproducts.com) and turn it anti-clockwise to remove the glow plug. Then turn the nitro car upside down and give it a good shake and also pull the pull starter a few times. Then replace the glow plug using the hex wrench (twist it clockwise) and then start again.


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